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偶然发现Lenovo“竟然”提供Price Protection服务,简言之,就是购买前匹配认可经销商上(同档次、同定位?)HP/Dell同配置竞品的价格;购买后在invoice date 30天内匹配自家完全一致产品的低价。

[Before Purchase] At time of purchase, Lenovo.com will match the price of any comparable PCs from Lenovo, HP, or Dell with the same key specs sold through a national recognized on-line retailer.

[After Purchase] The Lenovo Price Guarantee is valid for 30 days from the date of your invoice from Lenovo and it applies to any lower advertised unit price (not including shipping and taxes) of an identical Lenovo product on Lenovo.com, with a full refund of the price difference. All terms and conditions of your Lenovo personal computer purchase apply to the Lenovo Price Guarantee. The lower advertised unit price must be active on Lenovo.com at the time a price match is requested.


Key Specs: OS, Processor, Memory, Storage, Graphics, Screen size & resolution, and touch capability of the product you are requesting a price match to
Availability: The comparable PC must be in stock and immediately available
Exact match to any ThinkPad, ThinkCentre, ThinkStation, IdeaPad, Flex, Yoga, Legion or Lenovo branded notebooks or desktops found on Lenovo.com

网页里列出的Nationally recognized on-line retailers是一些美国卖家,不过既然出现在.ca,那么合理推测一些知名的加拿大电商应该是可以的。具体细则请看官方网页说明。

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