CIBC Costco (World) Mastercard公开


基本情况:无年费,在Costco加油回报3%,其他加油站2% (first $5k spent on gas,1% thereafter),Costco.ca网购2% (on purchases up to $8k, 1% thereafter),其余1%;带Mobile Device Insurance, Purchase Security and Extended Warranty Insurance.

这次似乎有两张卡,Mastercard和World Mastercard,目前尚不清楚区别在哪儿,推测部分保险只有World Mastercard才有。简评:典型的无年费卡,经常在Costco消费,手头没有回报更优的信用卡的朋友可以考虑。
CIBC Costco (World) Mastercard公开 CIBC Costco (World) Mastercard公开 Reviewed by Lukas撸卡厮 on 14:29 Rating: 5

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