[U] EQ Bank公开Referral Program

2020-7-10更新:Joint Account上线 https://www.eqbank.ca/personal-banking/joint-accounts

以往只定向开放的EQ Bank Referral Program,现在对所有用户开放了。


- Bonus paid to Referrers
  • $20 for the first three (3) New Clients
  • $30 for the fourth (4th) to seventh (7th) New Clients
  • $40 for the eighth (8th) to fifteenth (15th) New Clients
No Bonus is paid for New Clients sixteen (16) and beyond
Limit of $500 per Referrer

- Bonus paid to Referees
  • $20 when they become as New Client and funds their account (minimum $100) within 30 calendar days of account activation.

目前EQ Bank的Everyday interest rate为2%

现有用户登录后可以看到各自的邀请链接;想开户的朋友欢迎使用本站的referral link,谢谢!
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