Samsung Pay送50+25/月Air Miles

Step 1. Sign into your Account Profile at and add your AIR MILES Collector Number. You'll get 50 Reward Miles!

Step 2. Once you’ve updated your Samsung Account, add your AIR MILES Card to the Membership section of the Samsung Pay App.

Step 3. Scan your AIR MILES Card through Samsung Pay when you shop at AIR MILES Partners and get 5 Miles every time, up to 25 Miles per week. (No need to pay with Samsung Pay)

注意小字要求交易间隔不小于五分钟……经过四哈长期观察,可能弄清楚是什么原理了。绑了am的三星账户要在三星手机上登陆,之后只要有am进账,就会给这5 am,跟手机就没关系了。
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