[Fido] Pulse现提供5小时/月“无限流量”

‘Data Bytes’ works through the Fido My Account app and provides customers with one hour of data, five times per month. It can be activated through a button in the app or by shaking the phone while the app is open. Once activated, it cannot be paused or saved for later, and when time runs out a notification will pop up, alerting customers that they’re shifting back to their own data bucket.
总结一下Fido Pulse附加服务的内容——

  • 免费6个月Spotify Premium订阅
  • 每个月1hr * 5的“无限流量”
  • 优惠的国际漫游费率

其实之前Videotron在魁省曾经常识推无限云音乐流量计划,后来被CTRC叫停。加拿大这垄断这真不是盖的…… 你会考虑使用Fido的Pulse计划吗?

[Fido] Pulse现提供5小时/月“无限流量” [Fido] Pulse现提供5小时/月“无限流量” Reviewed by 毛不易·撸 on 19:47 Rating: 5


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