[EQ Bank] 利率2.3%的储蓄账户,开户得$25奖励

获得开户奖励的方法:很简单,完成开户后,回复以下红色字体的refer code给EQ Bank发给你欢迎邮件即可。截止日期10.31

EQ Bank offers an amazing 2.30% everyday interest rate, and now there's a new way to add to your savings goals. We'll deposit $25 into your account when you refer a friend or family member who opens an EQ Bank Savings Plus Account. That's $25 for you, and $25 for your friend or family member who opens a new account.
You must use this code REF025696100195 to get the sign up bonus.

Once your friend or family member finishes opening their account, they will get a welcome email from EQ Bank confirming account activation.

All they have to do is reply to that email with the unique code above to let us know they've been referred by you



问:EQ Bank有实体银行吗?

[EQ Bank] 利率2.3%的储蓄账户,开户得$25奖励 [EQ Bank] 利率2.3%的储蓄账户,开户得$25奖励 Reviewed by 毛不易·撸 on 17:00 Rating: 5


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